studio SML is a multi-disciplinary office working in Lausanne, Switzerland. United by the common field of architecture, studio SML embraces the diverse knowledge of each of its 4 members. This diversity allows the office to approach architecture in a broader sense, expanding into complementary areas such as publications, exhibition design and artistic installations.

As architects the studio is adept at bringing a design from concept to fruition; dealing with technical project aspects such as budget control, project management and collaboration with other professionals.

These technical considerations are controlled to maintain the beauty and essence of the initial concept.

studio SML also run an independent and non-profit art space, Espace 2.4, in the center of Lausanne. It is a space where ideas can be exchanged and young talented artists promoted.



Sara Cavicchioli, Architect, AAM USI.

Max Collomb, Architect, AAM USI, MAV ECAL.

Luciana Diaz, Architect, AAM USI, SIA.

Basile Sordet, Stagiaire EPFL.

Former collaborateur:

Léo Collomb, Architect, AAM USI, SIA.

Lisa Collomb, Architect, QUB.